Book Review: In The Rich Man's World by Carol Marinelli

November 12, 2014

Title: In The Rich Man’s World
Series: -
Genre: Romance/ Harlequin Presents
Publication Year: 2005
Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Vaughan Mason, Australian  businessman. Favourite target of Australian journalists, but he is very private about his private life. He tried to protect his family from the spotlight. The scene where the hero first met the heroine, it’s rather cute for me. I can’t believe he fell asleep then. He must be feeling very tired, because we know our Presents’s hero is always so full of energy, doesn’t need much sleep. He was still awake when Amelia arrived. So if he can asleep even when he knows he’d have a meeting in a moment, then he really really is tired. He’s also a bit different from other heros I guess. Well, maybe before the story take place he was like other heros, but then he changed. He even can be embarrassed about his action. It’s a rare occasion for a Presents’ hero. He’s also willing to take the heroine back even when he still think she had betrayed him. It’s a testament of his love for Amelia.

Amelia Jacobs, Australian journalists. Six months before she’d been betrayed by a rock star. After been burnt before, she’s not in a hurry to play fire again. So even when the attraction is volcanic between her and Vaughan, she tried to fight it with all her might. Well, we know that is a futile attempt, though :D She is a bit superstitious, believe in horoscope. She tried hard to trust Vaughan, but with her past, and a damning evidence (even if it’s just circumstatial), I can relate to her constant distrust. And it’s not helping when Vaughan can’t tell his secret, yet, and his past doesn’t help his case, either.

Amelia Jacobs had an opportunity to interview Vaughan Mason. After the disaster six months ago, Amelia determined not to ruin this chance. But from the first meeting, they already step in each other toes. But then, Vaughan ask her to join him in his trip to Melbourne. They attracted in each other, but Amelia fight it, wanting something more after her disaster with the rock star. I can understand her constant distrust to Vaughan, even if Vaughan never really did something to deserve the distrust. His reluctance to spill the beans is the reason why she can’t trust him. But it’s not his secret in the first place, so he can hardly do something about it. So it’s really a real problem, a no-way-out situation, from my point of view. When I read that the heroine is a journalist, I can immediately guess that the story would involve a misunderstanding regarding her job. I guessed something like she was misunderstood to wrote some article. Well, turns out it’s a bullseye :D

‘Yet even with the hell of these last few days, Amelia, all I could think about was you—the real you I was sure I’d seen. Despite the agony, despite the accusations, all I could think was that if I never got to see you again you were the only thing in this world I’d truly miss.’
Vaughan Mason


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