Book Review: The Konstantos Marriage Demand by Kate Walker

January 21, 2015

Title: The Konstantos Marriage Demand
Author: Kate Walker
Series: -
Genre: Romance/ Harlequin Presents
Year Published: 2010
Rating: 2 of 5 stars

Nikos Konstantos, greek billionaire. Five years age he was engaged to be married to the heroine. But there was a feud between their family. Her father really hate Nikos’s family, so he destroy Nikos’s family and business. Of course that angered Nikos so he vow to ruin her family. He suceeded, of course. But when Sadie came to him to seek help, he wants to take his revenge to another level. Not just about business anymore, but to get back at her for hurting him by claiming her as her bride. He won’t satisfied until personally punish her. Well, that, and because he still desire her.

Book Review: The Virgin's Wedding Night by Sara Craven

January 17, 2015

Title : The Virgin's Wedding Night
Author : Sara Craven
Series : -
Genre : Romance/ Harlequin Presents
Publication Year : 2008
Rating : 3 of 5 stars

Roan Zandros. At first he was portrayed as a struggling artist. Not that he wasn’t really an artist. He is an artist, yes, but not just that, he is also a Greek Billionaire. His mother was an English and a painter, too. But his father doesn’t approve him to be a painter. So he came to England to prove to his father that he could be succesful as a painter, so that his father would let him to keep painting. I like him enough. Yes, he has that arrogant and take-charge trait that every Presents’s heroes have, but not overly so. He is actually fell in love with the heroine from the beginning, no denial from his part. He even willing to beg to heroine’s grandfather to give him a chance to win her over. And after all that attitude the heroine dump on him. Sweet, right? But like all the other heroes, he is also stubborn he won’t just said it outright that he loves her.

Book Review: Exposed: The Sheikh's Mistress by Sharon Kendrick

January 12, 2015

Title : Exposed: The Sheikh’s Mistress
Author : Sharon Kendrick
Series : -
Genre : Romance/ Harlequin Presents
Publication Year : 2005
Rating : 2 of 5 stars

Sheikh Hashim Al Aswad. Cold, ruthless, annoying, asshat, and arrogant. Usually a hero has one or two of those trait. But this time the hero has it all. He acted so superior because he is a sheikh, thinking that other people are below him. He treat the heroine like a slut just because one mistake (which from my point of view is not really a mistake). Well, he doesn’t know her reason at first, but he should hear her explanation instead of jumping to conclusion. I really hate that attitude, the jumping to conclusion bit,  make a smart person look so stupid. And then when they met again, which a deliberate move from him, he blackmailed her to do the ‘job’ in order to get a revenge and to bed her. I couldn’t imagine a man more ruthless than him. I really feel like punching him when I read the story. Apparently, he doesn’t know the word ‘let go’, because in the course of five years he still nurture his hatred for her. Granted, maybe that’s because he really love her and couldn’t forget her. And he kind of doing it right in the end.

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