Book Review: Exposed: The Sheikh's Mistress by Sharon Kendrick

January 12, 2015

Title : Exposed: The Sheikh’s Mistress
Author : Sharon Kendrick
Series : -
Genre : Romance/ Harlequin Presents
Publication Year : 2005
Rating : 2 of 5 stars

Sheikh Hashim Al Aswad. Cold, ruthless, annoying, asshat, and arrogant. Usually a hero has one or two of those trait. But this time the hero has it all. He acted so superior because he is a sheikh, thinking that other people are below him. He treat the heroine like a slut just because one mistake (which from my point of view is not really a mistake). Well, he doesn’t know her reason at first, but he should hear her explanation instead of jumping to conclusion. I really hate that attitude, the jumping to conclusion bit,  make a smart person look so stupid. And then when they met again, which a deliberate move from him, he blackmailed her to do the ‘job’ in order to get a revenge and to bed her. I couldn’t imagine a man more ruthless than him. I really feel like punching him when I read the story. Apparently, he doesn’t know the word ‘let go’, because in the course of five years he still nurture his hatred for her. Granted, maybe that’s because he really love her and couldn’t forget her. And he kind of doing it right in the end.

Sienna Baker, a party planner. She used to work as a receptionist at a hotel, where she met Hashim when he had a meeting there. Her ‘mistake’ that make Hashim really hate her was doing a nudie photos for a calendar. She did that to pay for her mother’s surgery, not because she was hungry for fame and money. So I guess that’s not a bad reason, which make his burst of anger is unreasonable. Her mistake, I guess, is just that she didn’t tell Hashim from the start. But, who wants to tell that they did a nudie photos in the past? Even when the reason is justifiable, that’s not something you would proud of. And to tell them to someone like Hashim, yes I can see her reluctant. What I really like about this heroine is her self-restrain. She can restrain her emotion, and also she doesn’t too proud to accept what she want.

Five years ago Sienna Baker met Sheikh Hashim Al Aswad when he had a meeting at the hotel where she work. They attracted to each other, and so the usual things entail. But then Hashim know about nudie photos of Sienna, and so he left her. Now he is back and plan to get his revenge. He blackmailed her to plan a party for him, when actually he just want to bed her. In short, now they realize that they love each other. But it’s not that simple, because Hashim is a sheikh, and he had obligations to his country, and a woman with Sienna’s past would not deemed as a good wife for a sheikh. I like the epilogue when we told that Sienna’s journey as Hashim’s wife isn’t a smooth one, but in the end the people can accept her. It’s kind of hard, I guess, to accept her past in a conservative country like that.

‘People are a lot more than they appear to be on the surface. Not cardboard cut-outs but living and breathing flesh and blood, with flaws and strengths all their own.’
Sienna Baker


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