Book Review: Her Singapore Fling by Kelly Hunter

November 03, 2014

Title: Her Singapore Fling/ Red Hot Renegade
Author: Kelly Hunter
Series: Bennett Family #5
Genre: Romance/ Harlequin Presents
Year published: 2010
Rating: 4 of 5 stars 

Jacob Bennett, a world title holder for martial arts and a martial arts sensei. Since from the previous book (Untameable Rogue) I have a soft spot for Jake. How he always take care of his siblings, even now when the siblings are all grown up. He’s not the touchy-feely kind of person, so it’s kinda cute when he was surrounded by people in love and consequently becomes the ear of said people. And it’s sweet how he kept the heroine’s photo in his wallet when they were separated for twelve years.

Jianne Xang-Bennett, a chinese heiress and Jake’s wife but they were separated for twelve years. I get the air of elegant from her, maybe because she is a heiress. She is not the type who denied her own feeling. She knows she still want Jake, and doesn’t deny her own needs. Jake siblings’ opinian matter to her because she knows that life with Jake is also life with his siblings. Maybe I didn’t agree with her decision to leave Jake, but I think her reason is a valid one. She just tried to do the best for Jake and his siblings.

Jianne needs Jake protection from an unwanted suitor of hers. Albeit reluctant, Jake agreed to help her, after all she still his wife. So Jianne start to live in Jake’s dojo. Jake thought that Jianne wouldn’t like dojo life, after all it’s one of the reason why she left him. But surprise surprise, Jianne quite like it now, and bit by bit they look like a married couple again. I find it a little strange, how they separated for twelve years but never file a divorce. It’s a really long time to be separated, without prospect to reconcile nor to divorce. Well, I guess it can be justified when they still love each other. The suspense part is too light and inconsequential, but because it’s a harlequin presents I can forgive that. My favourite part is when Jake fight the man sent by Jianne’s unwanted suitor. My heart went out for him when he passed out after the fight. I expect more detailed fight, but as I said, this is harlequin presents, not a romantic suspense.

‘I was their rock, you said, and maybe I was, but you were my rock, and things got a lot worse after you left. For all of us.’
Jacob Bennett


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