Book Review: Don Joaquin's Pride by Lynne Graham

November 05, 2014

Title: Don Joaquin's Pride
Author: Lynne Graham
Series: -
Genre: Romance/ Harlequin Presents
Year published: 2000
Rating: 3 of 5 stars 

Joaquin Del Castillo, 'billionaire industrialist' and a 'reformed playboy’. Well, that’s how the magazines describe him. For me, he is an arrogant asshat. Yes, his  attempt to help his faithful former employee is an honorable thing to do. But the way he did it is way too extreme and so illogical. And he never believe Lucy’s plea, determined to drop the guilty verdict upon her. But I remember one scene I like about him. It’s when they’re in front of the church, in Cindy’s wedding. He was so determined to stop the wedding he just had an eye for Lucy, not realising there was Cindy next to Lucy. And when he realised they’re twins he said “There are two of you?” with a shocked expression. Funny moment for me :D

Lucy something, not sure about her sure name, nor her occupation. Her personality is more like a martyr. She is too willing to be used by her twin sister. Yes, she just want to be helpful, but agreeing to pretend to be someone else, that’s stupid. And she just stay silent when Joaquin acted arbitrarily. She’s too busy swooning after him to think smart. She tried so hard to protect her sister (which in my opinion didn’t deserve it) and hurting Joaquin in the process (not that he didn’t deserve it). Huh, I am rambling and maybe don’t make sense to you. Next point then :D

Lucy was asked by her twin sister, Cindy, to replace her to visit her father-in-law, Fidelio. But it’s not Fidelio who is arrange the visit, but his former employer, Joaquin Del Castillo. Joaquin wants to take back the money Cindy cheated from Fidelio. The story reek of exaggeration from the start. How Joaquin fetch Lucy with a horse—a horse!—like it’s in the middle of nowhere. And then when he tried to imprison Lucy if she is unwilling to sign the contract that stated she would pay all the money she got from Fidelio. And why bother to invite her to Guatemala? Why don’t Joaquin just come to London instead, it’s not as if he can’t afford it. The idea is just so laughably illogical. And for a man with a great resource, his investigation regarding Cindy is so lacking. He doesn’t even know that Cindy has a twin sister. The only consolation is because there was enough hurt and pain so it's an okay story for me :D

‘I was too proud to accept that I could be so much in love with a woman who seemed to be the total opposite of my every ideal.'
Joaquin Del Castillo


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