Book Review: His Very Personal Assistant by Carole Mortimer

November 03, 2014

Title: His Very Personal Assistant
Series: -
Genre: Romance/ Harlequin Presents
Year Published: 2005
Rating: 2 of 5 stars

Marcus Maitland, your usual harlequin tycoon. A bit ruthless but not too much. Arrogant, yes, as always from most of hero. Too quick to accuse Kit to be the traitor when there was just circumstatial evidence. But I guess Kit’s reluctant to reveal the reason why she was in the Marcus’s rival’s office is just adding to Marcus’s suspicion. I’m also a bit confused with his act in the end of the story. Why did he left after promised to be by Kit’s side, to help her go through her mother’s surgery? If he had to think about the fact that Kit is related to his rival, it’s hardly relevant anymore especially after the said rival reveal her story.

Kit McGuire, Marcus’s personal assistant (obvious from the title :D). I don’t hate her but I’m not fond of her either. I can’t really get the reason why she avoid getting close to Marcus. I mean, she doesn’t have bad  example from her parents, in fact her parents are obviously have a really happy marriage. Okay, maybe at first because she was afraid that Marcus is like her previous boss, but over time she know better than that. So why still avoiding him when it’s so obvious they attracted to each other? She can’t insecure about her appearance, because she describe herself as attractive. In fact it’s bordering on narcissistic the way she describe herself (the book is kinda in Kit’s point of view, so it’s like hearing how she describe herself).

Because of bad experience with her previous boss, Kit McGuire disguise herself with a no-nonsense attire. But when she had to go away for business with Marcus, she had to shed the disguise. Well, as we can guess, the attraction is volcanic after that. The story idea is good enough for me. But the narration is meh. When I read this book, so often my mind is start wandering because I can’t grasp what the author trying to tell, so I had to reread the previous pages. Maybe this is a spoiler, but I don’t think Marcus is in the fault to doubt Kit, because Kit keep the secret too much. How can you trust someone when they can’t even trust you with their secret, right? One plus point for this book, there aren’t unnecessary sex scene.

‘If you tell me to go away, to stay away—If you turn me away, Kit, I will still love you. And go on loving you. Always.’
Marcus Maitland


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