Book Review: The Italian's Wife by Lynne Graham

October 31, 2014

Title: The Italian's Wife
Author: Lynne Graham
Series: -
Genre: Romance/ Harlequin Presents
Year Published: 2002
Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Saverio ‘Rio’ Lombardi M.D. At first I thought that Lynne Graham finally writing a medical romance because of the hero’s title. But even if he had a doctor title, it’s never mentioned if he ever practices as a doctor. A bit disappointed about that because I really want Lynne’s hero as anything other than a tycoon. But regardless, I really like Rio’s character. I thought of him as cute. As far as I read, this is the first LG’s hero who is not an asshat, not even a little. When he confessed that he felt less of a man when he saw his fiancée cheating with another girl, my heart went for him. I truly love this hero :3

Holly Sansom, a homeless single mother. Maybe this is also the first time for LG where the child is not the hero’s. I’m neutral about this character. A bit dumb because of her insecurities, but which heroine who doesn’t? Nothing stand out, so can’t tell more than this.

The book opened with Rio caught his fiance cheating with...another girl. It’s so rare a lebian/gay feature in harlequin story, and maybe this is the first for LG. Anyway, after left the fiancée’s apartment, his limo almost hit Holly who’s wandering with her son because she’s homeless. When Rio discover that Holly is homeless, he offer to provide temporary acommodation for Holly. After that, well, as you can guest, their explosive attraction led to sex, in which unfortunately the condom broke. Rio then propose to Holly, saying that that’s the right thing to do, when really he is just want to tie Holly to him.  Like I said, he is a real babe. He’s good with Holly’s son, Timmy, too. My favourite part is when Rio played with Timmy one morning, Holly is still asleep. The way Rio describe Timmy’s mischief when Rio brought him to the bathroom while he went for shower, I can imagine it, and I laughed really hard. I really like domestic part like that.

'I just thought you'd think less of me if you knew the truth. My fiancée turning to another woman... It may sound stupid to you, but I was afraid it might take the stars out of your eyes when you looked at me.’
Rio Lombardi


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