Book Review: Mistress Bought and Paid For by Lynne Graham

October 30, 2014

Title: Mistress Bought and Paid For
Author: Lynne Graham
Series: -
Genre: Romance/ Harlequin Presents
Year Published: 2006
Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cristiano Andreotti, Italian software billionaire. Like other Harlequin Presents hero, he is hard, ruthless, and drop-dead georgeous. At the beginning, he seems like an asshat, offering that proposal to revenge the heroine. But over time, I think he is an okay guy, he is just hurt because he thought the heroine betrayed him. He started to change after they make love, and after suggest they married after revealed that the heroine was a virgin. Start from that moment I start to like Cristiano.

Lydia Powell, a former model. After a disaster which involved a rock-star and his drugs, she retired from her model job and start to study garden landscaping. She was accused of stealing money from charity which actually her own mother and stepfather who stole it. Not many Lynne Graham’s heroine who is such a beauty, and famous for it. But still, there’s still this innocent trait, shy and not quite believe Cristiano found her beautiful, even if she is a supermodel.  I like her enough, not wishy-washy or a drama queen. And definitely not too high pride bordering on stupid :D

After knowing Lydia accused of stealing money, Cristiano plan to get his revenge by taking her to be his mistress. But over time, Cristiano realised that Lydia is not what he used to think. And when it’s revealed that she is a virgin, he asked her to marry him. I like the story, it’s not too dramatic. It’s not heart-wrenching  (which is my favourite type of stories) either, but it’s okay, we can’t always get what we want, right? Anyway, there are some part that didn’t satisfy me. Like Lydia’s gardening skill, it should get more highlight. That would make her more memorable and distinguish her from other heroine. And then the matter with Lydia’s mother. I think she got away too lightly, even if she and her husband end up in jail. I just feel there’s something more to do with that angle. My favourite part from this book is when Lydia rifling through Cristiano’s pocket to find a hanky. I don’t know why, it struck me as funny but at the same time intimate, too. You don’t go through someone’s pocket if you don’t really close to them.

'When Gwenna showed me that photo you'd kept of me, it was like a shot of adrenalin. I was so low. I wasn't getting anywhere with you. But it seemed to me that if you'd felt that way about me once, there was still hope. When you got the wrong idea about that Russian model, I was delighted.'
Cristiano Andreotti


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