Book Review: Unspeakable by Sandra Brown

February 10, 2015

Title : Unspeakable
Author : Sandra Brown
Series : -
Published : January 1st 1998
Rating : 3 of 5 stars

Jack Sawyer, a drifter. He came to Blewer after hearing that Carl Herbold escape from prison. Until about ten pages before the end of the book, we don’t know who he really is, what’s his reason coming to Blewer, what’s his connection to Herbold Brothers and Delray Corbett (heroine’s father-in-law), and why he felt responsible to help Delray. My curiosity was piled so high and I had so much expectancy that I felt being let down by how the story turn out. Well, at least by the Jack’s reason and connection to this Herbolds hullabaloo. For Jack’s character, I like him enough. Kinda cute, because he’s not really confident about himself, about his charm, about his charisma. He felt that he doesn’t deserve the heroine’s affection and love. And I always love when a man interact with a child, maybe because that could emphasize his soft side.

Anna Corbett, a deaf and mute single mother. She live with his young son, David, and father-in-law, Delray, at Delray’s ranch. Though she is deaf from birth, she is very bright that she is able to attend a normal school and college. There he met Dean, her late husband, who died because an infection after going to war. She’s good at photography, but give it up after Dean passed away and David born. However, after meeting with Jack, she wants to continue her photography. About her character, she’s not shy because of her deafness, her confidence level is pretty good despite her condition. She is rather guarded, but that’s understandable after what life throw at her.

The story opened by Carl Herbold and his sidekick, Myron, who planned a jailbreak. He vow to get revenge to the people who put him in the jail, and that included Delray Corbett, his stepfather. And then came Jack Sawyer, who felt responsible to protect Delray from the Herbold brothers. Typical Sandra Brown’s story, there are many many characters which each had their own point of view. The annoying part is, the storyline often cut at the exciting moment, and afterward it jumps to another point of view. Yeah, maybe that’s to make the story intriguing, but I really can’t stand cliffhanger. It tempts me to just skip to the continuing part. About the twist, where Delray love Anna, not just as daughter-in-law but as a woman, that makes me feels icky. I know, Dean is dead and all, but still. . . And because of that I almost sure that he’d die in the end because I can’t imagine he approve Jack to have a relationship with Anna. This story is not particularly gory or scary, but I can feel the horror, because Carl is the kind of criminal who’s not afraid to kill. I mean, he could kill anybody without afraid his identity being known. The part which most disappointing is the ending. It’s kinda rushed and too short, make the whole story a bit dragged just for a meh ending.

“I look at you, and my heart beats faster. I think about you, and I can't catch my breath. Youtouch me, and this... this wonderful feeling bubbles up inside me and I want to laugh and cry atthe same time. I can't contain the feeling. I think it's joy. Joy. Because even though we're facingdifficult times, I'm happier than I've ever been. You've made me happy because you love me.”
Anna Corbett


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