Book Review: Get Lucky by Suzzane Brockmann

February 12, 2015

Title : Get Lucky
Published : March 2000
Rating : 5 of 5 stars

Lt. Luke ‘Lucky’ O’Donlon, the playboy of Alpha Squad of SEAL Team Ten. Actually this is the first book of the series that I read, so I don’t know his attitude in the previous books. I fell in love with Luke after reading this book. He’s just so charming and so cute. Brockmann can always make her characters so special, every character so different with each other, and so appealing. Like this playboy. After I read the previous books, I can see that Luke is rather annoying, actually. His goal is always woman and woman and woman. Doesn’t mean that he’s not good at his job, SEALs are always good at their job, high skill and all, and I won’t go there because it’d take all day to list their impressive skill.
Back to Luke and his annoying attitude. He described as a playboy who never wants to settle down, mock them who fall in love and twice he made trouble for the other Alpha Squad member with their women. So, yeah, he’s a bit assholeish. But in this book he’s so different. He actually envy his friends and want a woman to really share his life with. And despite the fact that he is a playboy, he never mistreat women. On the contrary, he is quite the gentleman, he can’t stand to look at the rape victim. He even barf at the sight of it. He is also quite protective of the wives of the other Alpha Squad member. And so I think that Luke really is a softy and a sweet guy.

Sydney Jameson, a journalist. She gave off a kinda surly and tough woman image. She is the opposite of the word feminine so the opposite of Luke’s type of woman. Syd wore a tomboy and loose fitting clothes, but I’m not quite sure that’s because her past romance which turn bad or she was like that from the start. Syd even wore Luke’s shirt once, and not the kind when you wore it after you made love with someone, but she wore it outside the bedroom, outside the house, when they’re working together with the other. When Luke ask her to live with him, Syd couldn’t quite believe it, because Luke has said that he’d never settle down. I guess this type of character suit best for Luke, who never met this kind of woman. P.J. of the previous character book said that Luke must be quite smart to caught the attention of someone like Syd.

Lt. Lucky O’Donlon had to throw off a chance to go to a silver bullet mission because her sister kid is getting married. And while he’s in the base, he was asked to help the investigation of the Coronado rapist, who branded his victim with Budweiser, a pin that every SEALs have. Come Sydney Jameson, a journalist and an eyewitness to the perp. They didn’t have a good start. Luke doesn’t like her because she is a journalist, and once kinda criticize his swim buddy, Frisco, about their effort to catch this rapist. Luke once call her Lois Lane, which Syd countered that she expect him to say that. Syd not really dislike Luke at first, she’s kinda dazzled of his appearance. She called him Navy Ken, because his looks kinda like Ken’s Barbie, and actually said that outloud to Luke. But after Luke’s attempt to seduce her, Syd knew that Luke had no intention to allow her to help the investigation.
After they made a compromise, they had to pretend that they were involve romantically to lure the perp. It’s funny how Luke always make an excuse to kiss Syd, using the argument that they had to convince people that they really involved. When he realize that he really attracted to Syd, he can do nothing beyond kissing, because at that point they kinda forge a friendship and he doesn’t want to lose that. Funny moment is when he blurted out in front of the whole team that he loves Syd and want to marry her. And his effort to convice Syd that he really serious about his feeling for her, that was really sweet.

"Here's the scenario, Syd. There's a guy who's never taken any romantic relationship seriously before in his life. But then he meets you, and his world turns upside-down. He loves you more than life itself, and he wants to marry you. Tonight. At the Igloo of Love Wedding Chapel in Vegas. Do you fight, flee, hide or surrender?"
Lt. Luke ‘Lucky’ O’Donlon


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